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img2html - Changes

img2html is a shell script to generate web galleries for directories with images.

2.15a: (2003-02-03)
Mostly cosmetic changes to make it look better on all browsers.
  • Feature: Better detection of image size in frames! This seems to work with all browsers (esp. IE) now. ;)
  • Bugfix: Movies are copied now
  • Bugfix: checked close() calls, anyway konqueror crashes sometimes when using the close button in fullframe
  • Cosmetic: make smaller thumbails (86x64 instead of 160x120) and display more of them at once
  • Cosmetic: Navigation links in plain view are always above the images or movies
  • Cosmetic: Smaller preview size of images
  • Cosmetic: Comments frame with smaller textarea window
  • Cosmetic: Titles and comments in infoandexif frame have better spacing now
  • Cosmetic: annotation of images (copyright) now in lower left corner
  • Cosmetic: Do not explicitely set background colors in forms
  • Changed: Use convert instead of jhead to create thumbnails
2.15: (2003-01-28)
A lot of changes!
  • Feature: EXIF now in extra frame and read from extra file moved copyright and imageinfo to this frame, too
  • Feature: added target="" to hyper anchors in plain view, this automatically opens and reuses special windows for preview, instead of the current window
  • Feature: next/previous buttons in plain preview
  • Feature: added date to plain view
  • Feature: changed order window, no more use of my proprietary mail form, but ask the user to cut and paste the contents of the page
  • Cleanup: commenting images is now done in a frame
  • Cleanup: moved user editable settings from album.js to presets.js
  • Cleanup: infoandexif frame looks much nicer now
  • Bugfix: changed ptr.name to ptr.iname as Netscape6 missinterprets "name"
  • Bugfix: initial size of f_image now calculated as needed for MSIE
  • Bugfix: reload overview when slideshow is stopped to reflect actual image
  • Bugfix: better messages in case javascript is switched off or frames are not supported
  • Bugfix: sometimes .arraytmp was not removed
  • Bugfix: removed extra line (cut&paste error)
  • Bugfix: unescape img-info in f_fullimage, too (same as in f_image)
  • Cosmetic: changed size of frames: overview smaller, navi bigger, this avoids scrollbars
  • Cosmetic: moved location of info on plain html pages
  • Cosmetic: show/hide EXIF is now text instead of a button
  • Cosmetic: moved first and last buttons to overview frame
2.14c: (2003-01-20)
  • New: Better linking in plain pages.
  • New: Adding copyright text to images is now optional.
  • Changed: 12 instead of 16 images on one plain page.
2.14a: (2002-07-25)
Mainly bugfixes, some new features.
  • Bugfix: default author sometimes was empty
  • Bugfix: on closing a window the corresponding object is cleared
  • Bugfix: remove some files prior to usage in case old versions exist
  • Fix: while slideshow is running comments buttons are not displayed
  • New: Check for the existance of all necessary tools.
  • New: Handle jpg files case insensitive (i.e. the suffix is stored in the database, too).
  • New: global variable to activate/deactivate comments in images.js database
  • Changed: the comments button is not available any more by default, as this feature needs adaption to your needs
  • Changed: after calling the comments window the image is marked as selected
2.11c: (2002-07-12)
Major update.
  • Plain pages and movie pages are displayed a lot nicer.
  • Added text "Click on ... to ..."
  • Bugfix: updateit(), object check works now
  • Bugfix: reopening of windows, handle reference correctly.
  • Changed form method for "send comments" to post.
  • Changed "send comments" format. I also wrote an ugly tool to automatically add this comments to an images.js database.
  • Changed format of EXIF-Info in images.js database to save space.
2.9a: (2002-04-09)
First release to the public.

Thomas Hopfner, 04/2002: Created page
Thomas Hopfner, 07/2002: Updated page
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Thomas Hopfner, 01/2003: Updated page