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These are my private pages with some - hopefully useful - information. Most of these pages are only available in english as in my humble opinion (IMHO) this is the language of the internet community. You will find some pages here which are only available in my native language german (esp. Segeln and Tauchen), but in these cases there is already enough english information available on other sites or they are only interesting for germans anyway. Anyway I tried to give a link to a translation service, this might be funny most of the time, but sometimes can help somehow.

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My pages are carefully written with my favourite editor vim and checked with the w3 validator to be readable by any browser and with open eyes. Features like java-script or cookies are only used if really needed.
Wichtiger Hinweis: Ich distanziere mich hiermit ausdrücklich von allen Inhalten aller hier gelinkter Seiten. (Details)
Thomas Hopfner (tom@hopfner.de)