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Digital Camera

I spent a lot of years taking pictures with normal, analog cameras (mostly Minolta SLR). But as I am a littlebit lazy (as all engineers, so they have a reason to invent something new ;)), it took mostly very long to develop the films. I work a lot with computers and so I finally bought a digital still camera. On the one hand I wanted it to be small enough to take it all the time with me, on the other hand I wanted the features to be able to work more creatively than with a point and shoot model.

My requirements:

  • Compact size, must fit in my pocket.
  • Resolution greater than 3 Megapixel, high optical lens quality, for perfect printouts.
  • Powerful rechargeable batteries, LiIon-Technology preferred.
  • Microdrive compatible (CompactFlash Level 2), enough space for my images when I am on holiday for two weeks.
  • Superior mechanical quality.
  • Flash hot shoe, for underwater use.
  • Manual and special modes, to play with.
  • Must work with linux, at least rudimentary.
  • Easy to use menus.
  • Reasonable accessories.

The Solution (10/2000): Canon Powershot G1 (Sorry, only in german at the moment). It has even more features than I expected to get! A very good review (in german and english) can be found at http://www.digitalkamera.de (09/2001).

In January 2001 I decided to get a underwater housing for my camera and at the german "Boot" exhibition I asked all major manufacturers for it. UK-Germany was the only company who took the challenge and about three months later I got a great custom built housing for my G1. You can see more of it at this page.

The G1 is a very good, highly recommended camera, but is has some disadvantages: esp. exposure metering and autofocus need some improvements. Fortunately Canon developed the Powershot G2 (review at Digital Photography Review) and it deals with this problems. Additionally is has a 4 MegaPixel CCD and a faster DSP. I hope it will fit in my underwater housing! (09/2001)

Anyway my next camera (about 2003?) will be a nice, small, highly integrated digital video and still camera with integrated sound and perhaps even with UMTS internet access!

Thomas Hopfner, 2001-09-17: Created page